Welcome to the Getting Started Series!!

You know why you came here: You Want To Get Filthy Rich In Real Estate, and you know you have to start 1 house at a time!

I’ve been there. I wanted this dream SO BADLY, even with a fresh foreclosure, I started coming up with different ways to make this happen.


And I found a way. A few ways actually.

This time, I am offering a course that will show you step by step how to get your first rental, period, and start cashflowing anywhere from $200-$450 a month! I know I never had an “affordable” step by step instruction on real estate investing, and it could have saved me SO much time and money! I absolutely haven’t seen anything out there like this, and its what I wished I would have had when I started investing. Honest, straightforward process for getting that property over and over again.

To me, it was better that I figure out how to keep investing with this foreclosure  against my credit, than to keep letting time pass me by, keep letting other people make money, and let 7 years pass until the foreclosure drops off my credit report and have absolutely nothing to show for it. I refuse to let that be my reality. And 4 cash flowing rentals in later, Im winning.

Life was giving me lemons. Yes, A LOT of lemons. And I had to make lemonade. Lucky for you, I like to share good news, especially when I get to EVEN THE PLAYING FIELD for those of us who don’t HAVE wealthy friends or advisers to help us through everything.


There are a lot of programs out there –

They cost waaaaay too much, and they don’t let you vet the course before you take it, only their sales pitches. 


On my site, I put out over 100 videos helping people figure out this wealth strategy, and its working. Just read the comments on youtube from people All Over The World Saying that because of my free videos, they were able to purchase their first rental. I’ve purchased my first rentals, and I’ve helped others do the same (don’t believe me, please watch one of these videos where audience members are telling me every DAY because of my videos they were able to clear their own hurdles…be one of these success stories too and don’t let time pass you by! You deserve this too!).

My main concern is for everyone who wants to try, and wh0 want to succeed, CAN get clear, easy, and straight forward advisement on the intricacies of becoming a real estate investor. A big reason I do this service for the public is because I was not born rich, and I had no one to teach me how to create wealth, so my job is to fill in the gaps for those who don’t have someone to help them. I want everyone who wants to try, to have a fair shot.

This is a course, which within finishing, you should not only understand what you need to do day by day to obtain your first rental property, you will also shorten your learning curb considerably. Find out about these rules of wealth, become a part of the the crowd of people gaining financial independence, and STOP WORRYING that just because you invest in real estate, you’re going to risk it all!

In fact, the more your armed with knowledge, the less and less likely and more ensured you are that your investment will pay you back immediately!

You came to this site because you want to:

  • Stop Letting Time Pass You Buy With  Nothing To show For It
  • Make Your Money Work For You (20-30% returns year over year)
  • Don’t Leave The Value Of Your 401k To A Stock Market You Don’t Understand And Can Not Control
  • Don’t Miss Out On A Golden Opportunity In The History Of Real Estate Investing


The ball’s in your court! Let’s rock.